US Chamber of Commerce #LetsGrow Detroit Interview

Spraying Cabinet Doors Inside A Negative Air Chamber
January 6, 2017
Ferndale House Fire Damage Repair Restoration Featured Image
House Fire Damage Repair in Ferndale MI
May 9, 2017
Lets Grow Detroit Featured Image

Lets Grow Detroit Featured Image

#LetsGrow Detroit


Joseph P. Cipriano Jr., CR

Constructeam's Founder and CEO Joseph Cipriano, CR was interviewed by the United States Chamber of Commerce. In the interview, he went over his thoughts on small business' role in creating jobs and driving economic growth.

Adam Dunlap
Adam Dunlap
Adam Dunlap is Constructeam's Director of Marketing. He oversees all of Constructeam's marketing, technology, and in-house training programs.

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