Fire Damage Cleanup Repair and Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

A fire can be a devastating event. Whether it's your home or your business, it's personal. Your belongings are burned or just gone completely. Anything not directly hit by the fire is covered in smoke and soot. The worst part might be the odor. A fire leaves a terrible odor that cuts right to the bone.

CONSTRUCTEAM's professional fire damage and smoke restoration team can help. They are trained, experienced, and will treat your home and property with respect throughout the entire process. We'll work with you, creating a master contents inventory, handling all of the insurance paperwork and documentation, and doing everything we can to make transition easier for you.

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Still not sure what to do after a fire? Talk to one of our certified fire and smoke restoration technicians. They'll walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Talk To A Technician

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

Damage Inspection

We'll perform a full walkthrough, assessing the extent of the damage, potential safety hazards, and gather necessary information.

Secure Site

We'll board up doors and windows to prevent accidental or criminal intrusion, and install temporary fencing if necessary.

Begin Documentation

It may seem trivial now, but it's important to start documenting now to make things quicker and easier your insurer later.

Adjuster Meeting

We'll meet your insurance adjuster on-site to review the scope of the damage and repairs to be completed.

Remove Contents

We'll sort salvageable from non-salvageable contents, and create a master inventory list for you and your insurer.

Contents Cleaning

Your belongings will be taken to our secure, climate controlled warehouse for cleaning and storage.

Tearout & Cleaning

The parts of your property that won't be torn out will be cleaned and hydroxylized to prep for reconstruction.

Restore & Rebuild

We'll work closely with you throughout the reconstruction process to get your property back to normal.

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CONSTRUCTEAM Fire Restoration

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Commercial and Residential Fire Cleanup Projects

Fire Damage Restoration Gallery

Residential House Fire Damage & Smoke Damage Cleanup and Restoration - Gallery

Fire Cleanup and Repair Gallery

Take a look at some of our past fire damage cleanup, repair, and restoration projects, to get an idea of how we can help you with yours.

You'll see how non-salvageable parts of your property are torn out, and how what remains is cleaned, deodorized, restored, and rebuilt to look, smell, and feel as good as new.

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Some testimonials from actual Constructeam fire damage restoration clients

What They're Saying

Constructeam Testimonial AvatarClear from the Beginning

"Each member of the team took care to explain each phase of the restoration process and answer any questions that I had. It was clear from the beginning that our restoration project was in very capable hands... "

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Kathleen S.
Macomb Township, MI

Constructeam Testimonial AvatarI Met With The Board

"I feel it is important that you know how satisfied Emerald Creek II owners are with the job Constructeam did for our association... I met with the Board last week, and we agreed that in the future, we would use Constructeam for new work..."

Full Review Actual Review

Charles Westrick
Shelby Township, MI

My House or Business Had A Fire. Now What?

A home or business swept fire can be very devastating and can cause major hardship to a family or business. However, just like any difficult time there is a way to handle the hardship to minimize the difficulties going forward. Making the right decisions on hiring your contractors and understanding the process at this point is mission critical and will dictate the process going forward. The following steps can assist you in making the right moves from the start. Please understand that every situation is different and will require special instructions based on your personal situation.

The 4 Steps To Dealing With A Fire At Your Home or Business

1. Secure an emergency services contractorA work authorization will need to be signed for emergency services. This is a standard requirement that all contractors will need to have to start work on your project and adjusters will ask for it in order for the contractor to be considered an agent for the homeowner.

  • Board up of home or business – You must first secure the home or business from onlookers who might want to enter the home or business out of curiosity or intent. Board up of broken windows, lock down doors and tarp the roof to make secure from weather conditions.
  • Make a claim – If you have a relationship with your insurance agent contact them first if during business hours. If no relationship exists or after hours call the 800 number from your insurance policy and make a claim to obtain a claim number.
  • Cause of Origin – Most insurance companies require a cause of origin specialist to enter the home or business shortly after the fire to determine the cause of the fire. You must not disturb the area where the fire started as that area will be where the investigation will take place. This process could take a few days, and depending on the severity and the circumstances this process could take many days to complete.
  • Remove personal items – If your home was affected and you have personal items like wedding rings, cash, family heirlooms or guns they should be removed from the home or business immediately as many people will be coming through the home and could be stolen from onlookers during the first few days of the fire.
  • Insurance Adjuster will be assigned to your fire within 24 hours of making a claim – Depending on the size of the loss you may meet multiple insurance adjusters in the process. Typically you will have an adjuster for the structure, another for contents, and another for loss of business. Many insurance companies may invite a contractor they have used in the past if you do not have a company secured. It is YOUR CHOICE who you decide to handle your contents or rebuild of your home or business.

2. Secure your mitigation specialistsAnother work authorization will need to be signed for content and electronic mitigation services if the contractor is different from above.

  • Depending on the level of severity of the fire and how much water was used to put the fire out will determine your next step.
  • Larger fires will require water extraction and dry down of structure as to avoid moisture from becoming a mold problem. In the event that the home can be saved drying equipment and removal of wet plaster or drywall might be necessary in order to dry structure while waiting for the adjuster to make decisions on what is approved during the next step.

3. Secure contents, electronic and dry cleaning mitigation specialistsAnother work authorization will need to be signed for content, electronic and dry cleaning services if the contractor is different from above. It is not uncommon to have one company hire multiple subcontractors to handle the contents, electronic and dry cleaning services.

  • All contents i.e. furniture, appliances, electronics and household items, food, clothing and anything not attached to the home is considered a content. A typical insurance policy contains a section and a dollar amount for contents aside from your structure amount.
  • At this point the level of severity will determine next steps with the adjuster and the contractor, all contents will either need to be cleaned on or offsite, electronics and appliances cleaned on or offsite. Clothing will always be cleaned off site and emergency clothes can be cleaned and returned within 24hrs.
  • If it is necessary for contents, electronics and appliances to be stored off site the contents contractor will be required to make a complete inventory of items that will be boxed, cleaned and stored, THIS MEANS EVERY SINGLE ITEM. This can be a large undertaking and can be very overwhelming. All questions are good questions at this point and should be asked of your contractor.

4. Secure a building contractor to make repairsAnother work authorization will need to be signed for reconstruction services if the contractor is different from above. It is not uncommon to have two different companies handle the contents and rebuilding.

  • It is suggested at this point that an insurance restoration contractor who has the experience of mitigating a fire is hired. Many mistakes have been made at this point and contractors have been hired with no experience to remove necessary charred wood and smoke that has penetrated open crevices, drywall, plastics, attics, insulation and the like. IF NOT MITIGATED CORRECTLY YOU COULD SMELL SMOKE INDEFINITELY.
  • During the time it takes to determine the loss of contents and pack out of contents. Your building contractor will have been working with your adjuster to determine items that will be replaced during reconstruction. It is not uncommon for the contractor and the adjustor to each write their own scope of work for the reconstruction.
  • Once the scope of work is determined each estimate will be reviewed and agreed upon with the owner, contractor and the adjustor and work will then commence.

There are many things to consider and many more steps to the process at this point. Hiring the right company can make this difficult situation a smooth and seamless process with no hassles.

CONSTRUCTEAM is the company that can provide all these services rolled into one and will get you back in your home quickly or back in business with minimum disruption. Call us immediately at (866) 372 - 1272, and we'll get a team over to you in as little as an hour or less to help walk you through this process.