Contents Cleaning, Storage, and Odor Removal

Contents Cleaning & Storage

When your home or business suffers water, fire, storm, or mold damage, it typically isn't the only thing that has been affected. Often, many people find that their belongings have been affected as well. Sometimes your contents are directly affected by flooding or fire, and it's obvious they've been damaged. Other times it's more indirect, such as by smoke odors or mold spores that have spread. No matter the situation, CONSTRUCTEAM's contents cleaning division can help!

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Our Contents Packout and Cleaning Process

Master Inventory

We'll begin by starting the master inventory prepared in triplicate: a copy for us, a copy for you, and a copy for your insurance company if needed.

Begin Packout

Next we'll begin carefully packing up smaller items into boxes, and securing larger items with safety wrap and moving blankets.

Cleaning & Storage

At the contents warehouse, we'll begin unpacking contents for cleaning by a trained professional. They're then repacked and stored.

Return Contents

Once your project is complete, we'll return the contents to your home or business freshly cleaned and free of odors.

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Constructeam Testimonial AvatarI've Never Been So Impressed

I was impressed with the three sparkling clean service vans that arrived... The staff's attitudes were professional and knowledgeable. They had the entire situation under control in less than 20 minutes...

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Beline O.
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Constructeam Testimonial AvatarJust Like Family

"Thank you for your immediate response to our flood on the hottest day of the summer! Doug and I appreciate your company's efficiency and hard working crew. Everyone is very considerate and polite...."

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Doug & Mary A.
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

My Belongings Were Affected By Water, Fire, Smoke, or Mold. Now What?

Contents can be a very difficult and a very emotional part of an insurance claim. Everything you own and have in storage either in a basement, attic or garage can be affected. From a lifetime of memories, antiques, special gifts from kids and family, artwork and family heirlooms can all be damaged during a flood, fire, smoke or storm damage. Each of these perils can be difficult to endure and many items may not be salvageable.

The good news is, CONSTRUCTEAM's trained content restoration professionals can spring into action to take every necessary step to inventory, box, pack out, clean, repair and restore your valuables to pre-loss conditions. However, in the event that the valuables cannot be salvaged, rest assured CONSTRUCTEAM will ensure that they are properly documented to achieve the full recovery cost allowed by your insurance carrier.

The 5 Steps To Restoring Your Contents and Belongings

1. Secure content, electronic and dry cleaning mitigation specialists - Another work authorization will need to be signed for content, electronic and dry cleaning services if the contractor is different from the original restoration company you hired. It is not uncommon to have one company hire multiple subcontractors to handle the contents, electronic and dry cleaning services.

2. What is a content? - If I were to turn your home up side down and shake everything out onto the ground, that would be considered a content. Whatever remains attached is considered part of the structure and falls under a different part of your insurance coverage.

For example: All furniture, appliances, electronics and household items, food, clothing and anything not attached to the home is considered a content. Mounted dishwashers and microwaves that are attached to cabinets are considered apart of the structure.

A typical insurance policy contains a section for replacement cost of your personally items and another part to replace your structure part of the home.

3. What stays and what goes? - At this point the level of severity will determine next steps with the assigned adjuster and the contractor. All contents will either need to be inventoried, boxed, cleaned on or offsite, electronics and appliances cleaned on or offsite. Clothing will always be cleaned off site and emergency clothes can be cleaned and returned within 24hrs.

4. When contents leave the site - If it is necessary for contents, electronics and appliances to be stored off site, the contents restorer will be required to make a complete inventory of items that will be packed and boxed, packed-out to a climate controlled warehouse then cleaned and stored until project is complete. THIS MEANS EVERY SINGLE ITEM. This can be a large undertaking and can be very overwhelming. All questions are good questions at this point and should be asked of your contractor.

5. When the contents come back - Once the home restoration is complete, the restoration contractor will bring back all removed and cleaned items from the home. This will include, garments, packed boxes, furniture and appliances. This is truly an overwhelming process and will require help from the owner of the home to direct the locations of items and what boxes to unpack or leave packed for storage.

You need a company you can trust!

CONSTRUCTEAM is the company that can provide all these services rolled into one and will get you back in your home quickly or back in business with minimum disruption. If during or after business hours, contact our main office at 866-372-1272 and you will be in touch with our Director of Response IMMEDIATELY.