Our ConstructCLEAN system is designed to rid your property of highly contagious viruses like the Coronavirus.


Constructeam offers proactive and deep cleaning services for Coronavirus. Our ConstrutCLEAN system is designed to rid your property of highly contagious viruses like COVID-19 and help reduce the risk of cross-contamination, infection or illness, and limit the amount of downtime in operations. Our highly trained team works to remove any residue from any infected person who has been in the area, making it safe for your team. All of our services meet the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. If you are concerned about potential Coronavirus contamination of your home, business, multi-unit property, or manufacturing facility, call our 24-hour emergency hotline at 866-372-1272.

Let our team give your team peace of mind.


The ConstructClean process includes:

Removal of biohazardous contaminants to make the cleaning more effective

Treatment of all direct and most indirect reachable surfaces of buildings

Disinfection of affected equipment, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

Fogging to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria


Reduce the risk of infection or illness

Reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Reduce operation downtime

Odors Eliminated.
Viruses Destroyed.
Budget... Intact.

Dried. Cleaned. Restored. FAST.

Disinfection & Deodorization Services

The CONSTRUCTCLEAN system is a new category of pathogen and odor control, radically effective on odor, viral, and bacterial challenges of any scale. Your small business, commercial facility, or multi-unit property could be disinfected and deodorized in less than 24 hours.

Virus Decontamination Circle

Hospital Grade

Cigarette Odor Removal

Eliminates Odors
While It Disinfects

Hard Soft Fabric Cleaning Circle

Safe On All
Surface Types

Liquid and Vapor Deodorization Circle

Liquid & Vapor
Treatment Options

CONSTRUCTCLEAN has been successfully used in:

What Does It Mean To Be Five Star Clean?

100% Organic

Viruses & Bacteria
Killed On Contact

Noxious Odors


Spa Fresh

The Odor Was Completely Gone

"We purchased a home that had a very strong, musty odor throughout the entire house. After using ConstructClean, the odor was completely gone and I felt good knowing that our home was sanitized and disinfected. I agreed to try ConstructClean because I do not like using harsh chemicals, especially with having a toddler and small dogs. Constructeam assured me that after the process was complete, it would be perfectly safe for my family. I appreciated that the application process was done quickly and that there was no clean-up or residue after the application. The ConstructClean system is very effective!"

Alysha McCabe, Chesterfield, MI


*The ConstructClean system utilizes a liquid spray ClO2 (ProKure V, EPA Reg. No. 87508-3-893340) for hard surface disinfection/deodorization; and gas form ClO2 (ProKure D) for deodorizing unoccupied contained spaces.