Commercial Property Damage

If your business or multi-unit property is affected by water damage, a fire, or a storm, Constructeam can perform all the repairs and restoration required to make it good as new.

Commercial Property Damage Restoration

Commercial Property Damage Restoration Services

Whether caused by water, fire, or another source of damage, commercial property damage needs to be handled swiftly and with an experienced touch. Constructeam works with property owners every day, helping them get their businesses back on track with as little downtime as possible. Most commercial property damage restoration can be broken down into one or more of the following four categories.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs include boarding up broken doors or windows, providing temporary stabilization to insecure structures, installing tarps to prevent exterior water penetration, and setting up perimeter tape or fencing to prevent unauthorized site entry.


Property damage mitigation can cover a broad variety of situations, but could include the drying of a water damaged structure, cleaning and deodorizing a fire damaged property, or sanitizing an area affected by sewage or other harmful contaminants.


Reconstruction consists of measuring twice and cutting one. Material and color selections are made, construction schedules are prepared, and the entire project coordinated before a single hammer is swung, ensuring a smooth and seamless reconstruction process.

Contents Cleaning

When property damage occurs, furniture, equipment, and belongings are often affected as well. These contents can be documented and inventoried, then taken to our secure, climate controlled contents facility for cleaning, processing, and storage until the property is restored.

Constructeam Offers Commercial Property Damage Restoration Services To:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make Changes During An Insurance Claim?

Many people want to know if they are able to make alterations, changes, or upgrades during the restoration process if they are filing an insurance claim. Yes, you absolutely can, and in fact it can be the best time to make changes, but there are some things you'll want to keep in mind.

Your insurance company will only pay for what was pre-existing before the damage took place. If you had laminate countertops and want to upgrade to granite you can do that, you'll just need to pay the difference in cost between the two. For more information, click Here.

Is Property Damage Covered By Insurance?

In many cases, property damage IS covered by your insurance policy. Typically this includes fire damage, many types of water damage, or other types of property damage that are considered sudden and/or accidental. You should check with your insurance company or agent for more information.

One thing to keep in mind is that deductibles for commercial insurance policies are typically much larger than for residential policies. If the cost to repair your property is less than, equal to, or even only slight above the cost of your deductible, it can be better to skip filing an insurance claim.

What Are Containment and PPE?

Containment is a process of setting up heavy duty plastic barriers prior to starting work, to prevent the accidental spread of contamination throughout non-affected areas of your property. In some cases, a negative air pressure setup may be implemented for additional protection.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential during trauma cleanups. Our goal is to restore your property to a safe state, but to do that our employees must maintain strict safety procedures. This includes wearing full body protective suits, respirators, gloves, boots, and following safety protocols to prevent themselves from potentially becoming infected by bloodborne pathogens or other diseases.

Why Should I Choose Constructeam?

As a full-service property damage restoration service, Constructeam helps people whose homes and businesses have been affected by water, fire, storms, mold, vehicle impacts, and more. We do this every single day. We're not a handyman service, or a regular contractor - we specialize in restoring property damage.

Both our company and our technicians are certified, and we follow cleaning and safety guidelines dictated by the IICRC, OSHA, and the EPA. More than that, our technicians are trained to treat your property and your family with the utmost courtesy, care, and discretion. You'll be taken care of, every step of the way.

Client Testimonials

Constructeam Testimonial AvatarI Met With The Board

"I feel it is important that you know how satisfied Emerald Creek II owners are with the job Constructeam did for our association... I met with the Board last week, and we agreed that in the future, we would use Constructeam for new work..."

Full Review Actual Review

Charles W.
Shelby Township, MI

Constructeam Testimonial AvatarClear from the Beginning

"Each member of the team took care to explain each phase of the restoration process and answer any questions that I had. It was clear from the beginning that our restoration project was in very capable hands... "

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Kathleen S.
Macomb Township, MI