Accidental Damage Cleanup & Repair

Accidental Damage and Vehicle Impact Repair

You don't wake up in the morning, yawn, and say to yourself, "Today is the day that my neighbors dead old tree finally cracks, snaps, and falls onto my garage," and you don't say "Today someone is going to be texting and drive right through the wall of my business!"

When accidents like this happen, CONSTRUCTEAM can help! Our emergency response crews are available 24/7 to get to you in your time of need. They're able to perform board-ups, put up temporary walls, and install any necessary structural support. You'll then work with an expert in residential or commercial reconstruction to put your home or business back together and have it looking good as new!

Constructeam Emergency Service and Temporary Repair Board ups
Do you have an accidental damage emergency such as a tree that fell onto your property, or a vehicle that hit your home or business? Call us and an emergency response crew will be there to help! Get Help Now!

Our Accidental Damage Process

Fallen Trees

If a tree fell on your property, we'll come out immediately to identify any safety hazards, including structural damage and potential electrical risks. We'll then determine a plan to safely remove the tree and make any immediate temporary repairs to prevent further damage.

Vehicle Impact

Has a car, truck, or other vehicle hit your home or business? First call 911, then call CONSTRUCTEAM. We'll secure your property via board up and install any necessary structural support, then work with you to create a plan to rebuild and restore your property.

Criminal Vandalism

If your home or business has been vandalized by spray paint, physical damage, or other malicious activity, we can help. We'll meet you at your property to identify any and all damages, and create a plan of action to have it looking as good as new.

Other Damage

No matter what kind of accidental damage your property has suffered, we can help. We're certified and experienced in restoring property damage caused by water, fire, storm, mold, and more. We'll clean it up, fix it up, and have you back to normal in no time.

Example Of A Low Speed Vehicle Impact Repair

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Constructeam Testimonial AvatarI Felt Totally At Ease

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your company. From the moment my Allstate agent got in touch with Joe, you guys made me feel totally at ease. Being across the country and hearing you have a pipe burst in your home, I felt very overwhelmed. Your team was in my home within the hour...

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Rachel Taylor
Royal Oak, MI

Constructeam Testimonial AvatarI Felt Well Informed

"They quickly identified the source of the leak... They also coordinated with my insurance company to ensure that I would be covered for all costs. There really wasn't much for me to do... I will be hiring Constructeam in the future for any insurance or home improvement job I need done."

Full Review

Brian Prost
Royal Oak, MI

My Home Suffered Accidental Damage. Now What?

The old saying, “Anything can happen” is a very true statement. No matter how unusual and strange anything can happen to your home or business at any time of day or night. However, depending on your insurance policy it may or may not cover it. An auto colliding with a building, a fallen tree limb, falling asleep while cooking, falling asleep while smoking, kids playing with matches, vandalism, mold, overfilling a bathtub or any other type of damage typically is considered sudden and accidental.

No matter how unusual the accident, CONSTRUCTEAM will work with your insurance company to complete your restoration using the full extent of your coverage. If you do not have coverage, CONSTRUCTEAM will present the best and most efficient way to rectify your problem.

How To Deal With Accidental Damage To Your Home or Business

  • If it is a fire go to our Fire Damage page.
  • If it is storm damage go to our Storm Damage page.
  • If it is water damage go to our Water Damage page.
  • If a car collided with your building or home, contact 911 and have EMS or a firefighter assess the situation. You will need to get the contact information of the person who collided with your home or business. In most situations you will need to get the insurance information of this person because this will be covered under their car insurance.

Hire a restoration company – A work authorization will need to be signed no matter the insurance loss.

Make a claim – If you have a relationship with your insurance agent contact them first if during business hours. If no relationship exists or after hours call the 800 number from your insurance policy and make a claim to obtain a claim number. All of the listed damage above follows the same procedure as all the rest.

Insurance adjuster will be assigned to your water loss within 24hrs to 48 hrs. of making a claim – depending on the size of the loss you may meet multiple insurance adjusters in the process. Typically you will have an adjuster for the structure, another for contents, and another for loss of business. Many insurance companies may invite a contractor they have used in the past if you do not have a company secured. It is YOUR CHOICE who you decide to handle your contents or rebuild of your home or business.

Adjuster will be assigned within 24 to 48 hrs. to meet you on site.

Once the scope of work is determined each estimate will be reviewed and agreed upon with the owner, contractor and the adjuster and work will then commence.

There are many things to consider and many more steps to the process at this point. Hiring the right company can make this difficult situation a smooth and seamless process with no hassles.

CONSTRUCTEAM is the company that can provide all these services rolled into one and will get you back in your home quickly or back in business with minimum disruption. Call us immediately at (866) 372 - 1272, and we'll get a team over to you in as little as an hour or less to help walk you through this process.